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True Typog­ra­phy is a sys­tem plug-​in for Joomla! CMS that aims to pol­ish texts improv­ing the qual­ity of typog­ra­phy as much as it is pos­si­ble on the web. The plug-​in parsers the entire page and thus it fixes not only the arti­cle con­tent but also all other texts regard­less of where they are dis­played. Need­less to say that this is not a uni­ver­sal panacea and good qual­ity stylesheets are still a must.


Tech­nical Notes & Trou­bleshoot­ing


  • Cus­tom fonts sup­port (Cufón) with easy and clear man­age­ment (more than 30 pre-​installed fonts)
  • Auto­mated hyphen­ation*
  • Smart replac­ing of text char­ac­ters with their respec­tive HTML enti­ties: quotes* (“sam­ple text”, „text­beis­piel”, «пример текста»), dashes (-, –, —), ellipses (…), copy­right © and trade­mark ™ sym­bols, and many others
  • Han­dling of suf­fixes (1st), frac­tions ( 2151 ) and math expres­sions (51÷3×5=85)
  • Dia­crit­ics for Eng­lish words (“ångström”)
  • CSS styles for lead­ing quotes (hang­ing quotes), acronyms, num­bers, guillemets
  • Spac­ing con­trol: glu­ing val­ues to units, widow pro­tec­tion, forced inter­nal wrap­ping of long URLs and email addresses
  • Addi­tional options (dis­abled by default):
    • Open­ing all exter­nal links in new win­dows (with­out using the “tar­get” tag that is not XHTML valid)
    • Replac­ing cus­tom pat­terns (only text con­tent is parsed, tags are left untouched). You can find addi­tional details in the Set­tings sec­tion of this manual

* Mul­ti­ple lan­guages are respected


Usual lame for­mat­ting with­out True Typography:

"Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants
so long as it is black..."

---Henry Ford (Founder of Ford Motor Co., 1863-1947)
(tm) (sm) (c) (p) ->

For­mat­ting with True Typography:

Any cus­tomer can have a car painted any colour that he wants
so long as it is black…”

—Henry Ford (Founder of Ford Motor Co., 18631947)


™ ℠ © ℗ →

Apply­ing cus­tom fonts (more than 30 pre-​installed fonts):

Here is how you can use a nice font


The lat­est ver­sion is 2.0.8


  1. Log into the Joomla admin­is­tra­tor panel and go to Exten­sionsExten­sion Manager
  2. In the Exten­sion Man­ager you will see the “Install” tab (selected by default) where you should choose the plug-​in file using the Upload Pack­age File box.
  3. Press the Upload & Install button
  4. Go to Exten­sionsPlug-​in Man­ager, find the “Sys­tem — True Typog­ra­phy” plug-​in (you can use the fil­ter to make it easier)
  5. Enable the plug-​in by click­ing the red cir­cle in the “Enabled” column
  6. Now you can click the plug-​in name to change its set­tings (see below)

Instal­la­tion of New Fonts

  1. Get a font you’d like to use
  2. Gen­er­ate a font file here http://​cufon​.shoqo​late​.com/​g​e​n​e​r​a​t​e​/
  3. Copy the gen­er­ated font into plugins/​system/​truetypography/​fonts
  4. Enjoy! :)


Basic Typog­ra­phy Options

  • Enable Hyphen­ation — This option allows to choose whether text con­tent should be auto­mat­i­cally hyphenated
  • Enable Han­dling of Suf­fixes, Frac­tions & Math Expres­sions –Enable auto­mated han­dling of suf­fixes, frac­tions and math expres­sions (51÷3×25=425)
  • Enable Spac­ing Con­trol –Enable auto­mated glu­ing val­ues to their units, widow pro­tec­tion, forced wrap­ping of too long URLs and email addresses
  • HTML Tags to Ignore — List of HTML tags within which text will not be processed. Please don’t remove any of the default tags unless you fully under­stand what you’re doing
  • CSS Classes to Ignore — List of CSS classes that define tags which con­tent will not be processed
  • Ids to Ignore — List of Ids that define tags which con­tent will not be processed
  • Use Stylesheet of True Typog­ra­phy — This option shows whether the plug-​in should use its own stylesheet. Oth­er­wise it’s impor­tant to define styles for sup and sub tags, lead­ing quote classes, and oth­ers. You can find full list of needed styles in the css/truetypography.css file

Cus­tom Fonts

  • Stan­dard Ele­ments- In this sec­tion you can eas­ily apply one of installed fonts to menus or titles. More sophis­ti­cated users famil­iar with HTML/​CSS may check the next section
    • Menu Mod­ule — A menu (mod­ule) to which a font selected below is applied. You can selected sev­eral menus at a time
    • Menus Font — A font that is applied to menus cho­sen in the select box above
    • Titles Font — A font that is applied to all titles (h1 – h6 tags)
  • Cus­tom Ele­ments- Here you can apply one of installed fonts to cer­tain ele­ments by their ids or/​and CSS classes
    • First Set of Ele­ments
      • CSS Classes or Ids — A list of CSS classes or/​and ids defin­ing ele­ments to which a font selected below is applied. Please note that CSS classes should start with a dot and ids should start with a hash. For instance, “.my-​element-​class” or “#my-​element-​id”
      • Font — A font that is applied to ele­ments defined by classes or/​and ids entered above
    • Sec­ond Set of Ele­ments — This is the same as above but you can use one more font for a dif­fer­ent set of elements

Cus­tom Replace­ments Options

  • Pat­terns to Be Replaced — List of pat­terns (sep­a­rated by com­mas or line­breaks) which have to be replaced with the related items listed in the “Replace­ments” text box. This is applied to text con­tent only, not tags or any other types of code
  • Replace­ments — List of items which are used to replace the related pat­terns from the Pat­terns to Be Replaced text box

Addi­tional Amenities

  • Open Exter­nal Links in New Win­dows — If this option is enabled all links to exter­nal web­sites will be opened in new browser win­dows. This option can be used instead of the tar­get attribute which is not XHTML valid

Tech­ni­cal Notes & Troubleshooting

  • Beware of CSS reset­ting. In many Joomla! tem­plates there are stylesheets that reset default prop­er­ties of many tags. Since the stylesheet of the True Typog­ra­phy plug-​in is loaded before the main CSS file styles of some impor­tant tags can be over­ri­den (sup, sub, etc.). It may lead to improper behav­iour of cer­tain features
  • The con­tent of the fol­low­ing tags is not processed and is always left with­out changes: code, head, kbd, object, option, pre, samp, script, select, style, textarea, title, var, math
  • The plu­gin does not work with any WYSI­WYG edi­tors and is sup­posed to apply the cho­sen cus­tom fonts only on the front-​end


We are eager to help and answer your ques­tions. Fur­ther­more it is impor­tant for us to know that what we are doing is in demand. Please send us your tes­ti­mo­ni­als and ques­tions by email. In case you have dis­cov­ered a bug, please let us know what ver­sion of Joomla you were using and what PHP ver­sion is installed on your server.


This soft­ware is released under GPL 2.0. You may use this soft­ware free of charge. You may also mod­ify it pro­vid­ing that you keep all ref­er­ences to authors unchanged.


True Typog­ra­phy is based on PHP Typog­ra­phy project cre­ated by KING­desk.